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The evolving nature of higher education ​​​

These are exciting times for higher education. Changing economic conditions, technological advances, and globalization provide numerous challenges to the status quo of American higher education. There are a counterbalancing set of new resources and processes that can be used to help meet these challenges and create new opportunities - MOOCs, outcomes based learnining, etc. 

My experiences as a Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University and as Provost at the University of Southern California gave me perhaps more experience with these challenges and opportunities than I would have wished at the time. These experiences have been broadened over time through my consulting with numerous colleges, universities and for-profit higher education companies

For the past three decades, I have studied and written about the challenges and opportunities that are part of the new higher education landscape. My goal is to add new insight, shake up old beliefs, and help change go in the right directions.